Company Profile

Company Profile


I would like to express my deep gratitude for your continued support. Our company has been engaged in manufacturing that makes our customers happy, in an environment that has been rich in nature since it was founded. We strive to be a company that can provide precision machining parts to the global industry, while introducing state-of-the-art equipment. We work hard to meet the customer’s various demands, through manufacturing that makes our customers happy, which is our motto, and a corporate vision established by the founder.Based on our mutual relationships with business connections that have supported Fadeco, we will all strive for a consistently evolving company. We thank you, in advance, for your further support and encouragement.
CEO Toshitaka Fujiwara

Corporate Philosophy

At Fadeco, we are committed to continually learning and advancing our technical skills and standards so that we can offer the very best products and services to our clients. Our corporate operations make an important contribution to society by enhancing the prosperity of our clients, business partners and affiliates as well as our employees and their families.

Managerial Policy

For the purpose of contributing to society, Fadeco aim at implementing customer satisfaction by consistently working on the improvement of our quality management system and thereby providing our customers with products of superior value. 《ISO9001 accredited in July, 2007》

We make quality our top priority.

We make quality our top priority.

We strive for cost reduction.

We strive for cost reduction.

We keep our promises with our customers.

We keep our promises with our customers.

We value safety and the environment.

We value safety and the environment.

Quality Policy

Here at Fadeco Corporate, we continue our efforts to continuously improve our quality management system, develop good relations with our customers and community, and fulfill our social responsibility as a company.
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Corporate Profile

Corporate Profile
Company name Fadeco Corporation
Location [ Head Office ]
340-8 Yasudanaka, Hakuta-cho,
Yasugi, Shimane 692-0205
TEL 0854-37-1217
FAX 0854-37-1251
[ Ido Plant ]
876 Mori, Hakuta-cho,
Yasugi, Shimane 692-0207
Number of Employees 76(as of December 2020)
Founded 1952
Established October 11, 1972
Capital 49,500,000yen(as of December, 2013)
Amount of Sales 970,000,000yen (Fiscal year 2020)
CEO Toshitaka Fujiwara
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Corporate History

Corporate History
  • 1952

    Founded a farm equipment factory

  • 1960

    Started machining, while introducing machine tools in connection with mechanization of farm equipment.

  • 1961

    Started manufacturing farm machinery parts, as a subcontractor of Sato Zoki Co. Ltd., at the time.

  • 1967

    Started a direct deal with Hitachi metails, Ltd.

  • October,1972

    Reorganized from a sole proprietor organization to Fujiwara Tekkosho Co.,Ltd.

  • 1973

    Constructed a new factory

  • 1967

    Started a direct deal with Hitachi metails, Ltd.

  • November,1990

    Completed the Second factory, with a site area of 1,000m2 and building area of 490m2

  • May,1997

    Changed the company name to Fadeco Co.,Ltd.

  • July,1999

    Completed the main factory in an industrial complex, and transferred the head office operations, with the gear machining division remaining.

  • October,2010

    Reorganized to Fadeco Corporate.

  • April,2017

    Built an extension to the main factory.

Business Partner

We conduct business transactions with domestic and overseas customers directly or via trading companies. (listed in no particular order)

・MinebeaMitsumi Inc.
・GOAL Co.,Ltd.
・KOYAMA Co.,Ltd.
・Hariki Seiko Co.,Ltd.
・Elematec Corporation
・SANKO Co.,Ltd.
・Osaka Rashi Hambai Co.,Ltd.